Lifestyle: Danielle LeShea 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

We have been talking a lot about our personal lives and our blog now that the new year has arrived. this past year was a doozy especially towards the end. There was so much going on that LeShea dna I lost ourselves and motivation for a bit causing the blog to suffer. With that said there are things we'd like to change within ourselves that is surely to reflect upon the blog and make a stronger, more beautiful, and more amazing blog!

D&L New Year's Goals:

  • Share what makes us beautiful--both inside and out. This year is all about finding that inner drive and running all the way to the moon with it. 
  • To show off some looks! Since our launch, we've been aiming to become more fashion forward women. We think 2016 is the the year to show off our looks.
  • Plan more trips! Days with Dani and LeShea sound alright with you guys? We are looking to take more trips such as conventions, mini-trips, random excursions, and close-to-home travels. 
  • Perfect our niches. Maybe you've noticed that Dani is very into skincare and LeShea loves her glorious make up. This year, we wanna show more of what we're passionate about. 
  • Being Consistent. Consistency is our downfall in life and really effects the blog. We're getting our butts in gear to deliver consistent posts and or VLOGS for all of our readers.
Somethings We've Changed:
  • We've changed the URL to instead of
  • We've come to the conclusion that somethings weren't working to the best in our interests no matter how hard we tried, we've done away with: 
              • Friends of D & L
              • What We Want
  • We've decided to revive our Youtube page, it was fun before and it can only get better from here on right?
Being that we are already half-way through January here's to the start of the new year. We hope that your new year is off to a great start as well. It's time to truly stick to your guns this year and accomplish any goal that you have set out for yourself. We plan on doing the same and we are rooting & cheering for all of you!