Review: Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick

In addition, to picking up the a few different palettes (I currently own two) I picked up two of Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks 

From a previous post ( you can read here) Makeup Revolution is a recent brand that appeared in my local ULTA. It's a UK based brand that has affordable prices for various eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, etc.

While I picked up the Affirmation palette I picked up two lipsticks in the colors of 100% Vamp & Reckless. This past fall I've fallen in love with deep and dark hues of lipsticks and 100% Vamp and Reckless was right up my way. Here's my review:

Danielle's Review:

Name: Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick
Type: Limited Beauty Store
Price: $3.00 ea + tax 
Color(s): 100% Vamp & Reckless
Results: Decent color vibrancy, moist lips.
Overview: I deem these lipsticks, decent.  Besides the price being a steal the coverage is decent, and the wear is up to three to four hours long. The colors were pretty deep on display, which made me a little cautious about the application of the color. The color is vibrant and applies easily.  I just think the color is vibrant to certain extent but definitely misleading.

Recommended: By all means, for a quick pop of color without spending more than $5 go for it!

Check it out: