Sunday: Updates #30 (3rd Anniversary)

Hello all!

This week for Sunday Updates, we're getting a little nostalgic.

Three years ago, we decided to start a blog together. And though we've said it before, we're not where we'd like to be--YET. Over the last 5 years (though we've been bff's for much longer than that), we have really begun to come into ourselves; finding out who we want to be as well as who we don't, deciding on where we'd like to go, and finding out our personal strengths and weaknesses. Blogging together and sharing life together, we've been able to see each other through so many things--big or small.

So in celebration of our still up-and-coming blog and our resolutions, here is a little reminder of what we're up to:
  • More reviews coming up very soon. 
  • More fashion posts.
  • Up coming YouTube Channel vids 'n vlogs.
  • Days out with us, Dani and LeShea! <3
Those of you who have stuck with us through the off and on, THANK YOU! We're looking forward into doing more, including a lovely little photoshoot duo soon!