Resolution to Sweat


I've been pretty into fitness for quite a long time, but lately, I've been feeling a little...fluffy. (Which everyone hates.) Not to sound too cliche, I decided to finally break down and get a gym membership. I haven't been in a gym since college so it was about time. But why am I telling you all this? 

I used to run a little blog while I was in the mid-part of my college career.  It was about silly thing mostly, but I also focused on healthy food choices, exercise, and so on. And over about 7 months or so, I lost over 30 pounds. Right now, I want to implement that for some D&L Lifestyle. 

So here it is: even though it may seem cliche with a New Year's Resolution about diet/exercise/weight loss/health, it's totally fine. DO IT whenever YOU'RE ready. 

Dani and I mentioned our New Year's goals, so if that is part of yours, go for it. I'l be right here with you (virtually) posting some ideas, Instagram shots of my own gym sessions and food choices, and even revealing my own guilty pleasures when I cheat >_< .

My resolution is to sweat like I've never sweat before. Are you willing to sweat it out, too?