Review: BH Cosmetics Blushing Neutrals Palette

Name:  BH Cosmetics
Type: Online Purchase
Price: $10.00 + tax/S&H (Total: $)
Results: Romantic, soft, peachy, and natural looks. 
Overview: This palette has a lot of wonderful colors and tones that I believe almost anyone can try. Light coppers and bronzes work great with a variety of skin tones and there are darker (but soft) browns to mix with the lighter shades for a natural-looking smokey eye. This palette also has peachy pinks and various purples for a flattering feminine look. And of course, there is a nice set of blushes down at the bottom. My fav ones are:

(And that's saying a lot--I used to HATE blush!)

Recommended: Oh, yes! It's inexpensive and you can do a lot with just this one palette. There are no strict rules in make up a lot of the time so you definitely use some of the eye shadows and blushes or even as a little bit of highlighter. This can be an all-in-one palette for obtaining a beautiful sweet look.

What I love about BH cosmetics is that it's decent quality make-up for pretty good prices. There's always a sale and you can't really go wrong-especially if you're a woman on a budget. Try it out.

Where to buy: (Of course!)

~LeShea <3