Sunday: Updates #30

Two weeks ago was Danielle LeShea's 3rd birthday and it's our 30th (not completely consistent) Sunday Updates. I do need to say that I'm pretty bummed not being able to attend the conference and meet one of my  blogging idols, Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential, but I'm making sure I get my butt to their next conference. With that said and after talking LeShea and I have solidified our goals for this upcoming year of D&L and we are sticking to it. Which brings me to the importance of communication.

Yup, Communication is important, but what is also important is being consistent with communication. Make sure you speak up for how you feel about situations or even voice your opinions, how else are you going to he heard?

For real. Let them know what's up.

Here's what's going on with Dani & Shea:

- Work. Work. Work and more Work. Hopefully there's no burn out?
- Feeling sluggish? Check out LeShea's Resolution to Sweat
- As usual, reviews are coming up.
- Wardrobe updates, shoes and accessories.
- Besides our posts keep up/in contact with us with Instagram!