Sunday: Updates#31

Photo credits: Rodion Kutsaev Editied: Dani

After minor technical difficulties and exhaustion, I present our Sunday/Monday Updates. Needless to say that this week has been a little hectic with changes in schedules and hopeful thoughts of another career change...possibly. Not to mention that NYFW is in full swing, and the other cities to follow. Guess who's gonna be hunkered down watching replays?? This girl! (Dani)

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea:

---> Dani is updating her closet once again, and doing a big sweep. She's been buying a lot of staples...

----> Valentine's Day, of course.

---> Snow, Snow, and more snow.

---> Walking Dead has LeShea's attention..

---> LeShea's got an idea that's named the Nail Files. Keep an eye out for it!