D&L Health Tips

Hey. It's been awhile since I've posted anything about health or healthy lifestyle related. D&L is taking some time to focus on things that make us and keep us healthy. I've been looking to maintain my healthy lifestyle for quite some time. And that can be really hard since there are always sweet temptations at my job. 

But, I believe there is always a way to keep some good things in your life to keep you well. Here are some tips from us that we try and practice ourselves. 
  1. Pack your own lunches. It keeps you from eating out all the time (which can also save you money) and you can better control over what your meal contains. I always make sure I pack plenty of veggies in my own lunches. Always have some healthy nibbles
  2. Take a bite or two. But then, stop! I see delish looking things all the time--at home and at work. Cakes, cookies, chocolates...Sweets are my weakness and I usually can't totally say no, so I try just a little. Enough to rid of my curiosity/craving, then I walk away. 
  3. Schedule in work outs. If you have to, put it in your planner.Too tired or too busy after work? Do morning workouts to start your day and get it out of the way. You never regret a workout, you regret the one you didn't do.
  4. Lift! It's ok for girls to lift, too! Don't be intimidated by guy's on the weight floor or feel insecure about holding some metal in your beautiful manicured hands. Scared you'll roughen up your hands? Get some lifting gloves. There. Done.

  5. Find something delicious and healthy foods that you can't be without. I LOVE hummus and I put it on a lot of things. I dip veggies in it (see above), smear it on bread instead of mayo for sandwiches, add a dollop of it on eggs, or eat it with plantain chips. Healthy, low-cal, and yum!
  6. Splurge every now and again. Pick a day of the week that its your day to eat things you usually avoid and enjoy it! Even now and again is fine, just don't lose control or find a way to alter it to make it better for you.
  7. Substitute the bad stuff for the good. Instead of butter, use non-stick cooking spray for cooking. Instead of custard, have some froyo for that sweet tooth. There's always  dupe for that. 
Just a few tips and tricks to stay on track! Keep up your good work and diligence. Your body will thank you and you'll feel better inside and out. 

~LeShea <3