Intro: The Nail Files

Featured nails available here. Brownish-red nails ordered from Aliexpress.
Hey there. Happy almost Spring!

I was attempting to do more and more blogging this month, but I will admit, I fell into a bit of a funk. Work has been super super stressful (co-worker issues, "what am I doin' here type of feeling"...), things with my man--good and bad--have been happening, being sick a lot...and a some-what-not-so-minor-car accident-I was in a few weeks ago just took me over.

So far, my year has been off to a "splendid" start...

With all that garbage out of the way, I would like to pose a new feature here on D&L: The Nail Files.
Dani has her lash collection, and I have nails. Oh, glorious nails! I've been obsessed with nail/nail art for a long time, and now, I want to share this little obsession/hobby with you all here. I'll share either where I bought them or what colors I've used, what embellishments I may have added, how shape your nail for comfort and style, trends, and more.

I'm excited to get into this little niche, but for now, long post short, please welcome The Nail Files.