Review: Lipstick Queen- Frog Prince

Another spur of the moment buy via ULTA. I picked this up earlier last year, well maybe around September. I picked up a lipstick, Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince, here's my thoughts on this interesting lipstick.
To tell the truth I did not know--ok maybe I knew the name but I didn't know much about Lipstick Queen. I swear Lipstick Queen is the best thing ever, can you say an interesting twist on luxury lipsticks. I'm so glad that Poppy (the creator of Lipstick Queen) decided to take matters into her own hands. Here's a bit on Lipstick Queen & Poppy:

"When the eighteen year old Poppy King failed to find her perfect lipstick in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, she could have given up on lipstick altogether, but instead she took a rather different approach: she decided to create her own range of lipsticks.
Twenty years on, Poppy’s passion for lipstick is as vibrant and strong as her signature red lip. Lipstick Queen is the result of a lifetime devoted to finding the perfect lipstick."

With that said I purchased Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince. I know the color of the product looks off-putting (well to some people) but hold on now...that's not how it actually turns out. The actual product turns a lite plum color on lips, how could I not be curious about this lipstick?!

Danielle's Review:

Name: Lipstick Queen Frog Prince
Type: Luxury
Price:$25 + tax
Color: Frog Prince aka Plum
Results: Soft plum lips
Overview: To be honest what drew me to this was the fact that it was green, but the application didn't come out green. I was curious and thrilled at the simplest thing, but yet still drawn to purchasing it. The application is straight forward, the finish is glossy and moisturizing. The wear time is debatable, I've worn it many times where I had to speak to a lot of people so I'm not completely sure of the wear time.

I personally like Frog Prince because it's a lipstick that throws people off completely, and the color itself is a conservative plum color that can be worn every day.

Recommended: Optional. I say this is more optional, because of the price tag. I would suggest that this be a splurge instead of a must need buy.
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