Review: Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor & Jungle Queen

After my review of Lipstick Queen Frog Prince I had a Lipstick Queen bug and I purchased two more that I had been eyeing after I purchased Frog Prince. I picked up Hello Sailor & Jungle Queen

Getting straight to it, Hello Sailor caught my eye because it was blue. I know it's on the same lines as Frog Prince, but this time there isn't a cool transformation of color.

What's the point if the color transformation isn't cool?

Well the hint of color is very similar to that of Frog Prince but it is more sheer plum gloss like that enhances the whiteness of your teeth.

Sooo I'm pretty obesessed with ( my) white teeth, granted I get all shy when I get complimented on them, but works.

Anyway, the blue hue of Hello Sailor helps teeth appear whiter, with a sheer hint of plum and vitamin E to help keep those lips all moist and healthy looking.

Danielle's Review

Name: Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor
Type: Limited Beauty Stores/Online
Price: $18
Color: Sheer Plum
Results: Whiter looking teeth + healthy looking lips
Overview:  Super straight forward. It's a lipstick that makes your teeth appear whiter while giving your a super sheer color. Wear time is about 4-5 hours.

Truth be told, Jungle Queen was a super spur of the moment purchase. I can't even tell if it's Spring yet here, and of course it's no where near summer and this is definitely a summer color.

Danielle's Review
Name: Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen
Type: Limited Beauty/Online
Price: $18
Color: Coral-Red
Results: Orangey-Red lips
Overview: Once again, super straight forward. It's coral but it can look red on others, for my skin tone it looks orangey-red. A summer color right? The wear time is about 4-5 hours.


Hello Sailor-  Highly Optional. Once again I would consider this a splurge buy. I mean if you really want white teeth get them whiten, buy whitening strips, etc.

Jungle Queen- Optional. The color is gorgeous for early spring and definitely summer, but once again a splurge buy. Completely optional.

Buy Both of them Here:
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