Review: L'Oreal Haul

After being in much need of eyeliner and new mascara, I made a trip to ULTA and to my local Big Lots I picked up some L'oreal's products that I've been wearing for months now. Here are my results
Every young teen getting into makeup started with the five big brands, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Covergirl, and Rimmel. I generally used L'oreal and Covergirl growing up, but as I got older I realized that these brands produced a lot of product with mediocre quality.

A complete turn off when they would change the formula in the products that would completely change the shade of the product (Foundation in these brand were hard for me to find, still kinda is)

But I will say a lot of the mediocrity has been changing for the current L'Oreal collection is up above, I spoke about L'oreal  Lineur Intense in an earlier post (here). Above is my current collection of L'oreal, I picked up three new items so I will tell you my thoughts and gripes about the products.

Let's get to it.

Danielle's Review:

Name: L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara
Type: Drugstore Beauty
Color: Black/Noir
Price:$3.99 + tax
Results: Decent length.
Overview: Another one of my spur of the moment purchases, but a good one at that. I was shopping at Big Lots (which has a lot of discounted beauty products coughsephoracough). I was impressed on the quality of the mascara itself. It has been some time since I've L'oreal's makeup, but like I said I was impressed. I did notice some extra length and deepness of the black color.

Have you guys noticed the colors of the names that are used for black, "Black Noir" "The Blackest Black" "Charcoal" - Why can't it just be black? Anyway if you need an inexpensive mascara for on the go or just for something quick on the go- L'Oreal's Telescopic Mascara will get you by.

Recommended: Yes, I use this regularly with three

Name: L'Oreal Infallible Super Slim Eyeliner
Type: Drugstore Beauty
Color: Black
Price:$ 7.99 + tax
Results: Thick black lines
Overview: Another felt tip liner, I'm falling in love with them due to the scarcity of the brush eyeliner. With L'oreal's Infallible eyeliner I felt that it applied the product really well and got in really close to my lashes without me having to go over the same line several times. The felt tip brush is soft and easily contours to the shape of your eyelid and there are no gaps. There has been a few times where I had to go over the line at least once or twice, but it wasn't that big of an issue

Recommended: Yes.

Name: L'Oreal Voluminous Superstar Eyeliner
Type: Drugstore Beauty
Price:$7.99 + tax
Results: Decent coverage.
Overview: Bluntly put I hated this when I began using it for the past two weeks after I purchased this. I gave it a break and went back to my brush eyeliner (a review coming up soon). I just recent started using this again. I'm still on the fence about this eyeliner due to the hate of the brush applicator it has. It's a strange tear drop shape and super flimsy. Other than the brush applicator, the application itself is decent, so the product itself isn't as 'crappy' as I make it to be. It's just not something that works best for me.

Recommended: Personally I say no. But if you are interested in trying some L'oreal's Eyeliners, definitely try this one. !! Also I would like to know your thoughts on this product!!