Sunday: Updates#33

Photo Creds: Sergee Bee, Edited: Dani

Seriously though, can it be spring already? Actually today is the first day of Spring  and it's like barely 40 degrees farenheit here in the good ole Midwest. We're hoping that the warm weather follows so that we can take cute and chic pics of our style, which is waaaay overdue.

Here's what's going on with Dani & Shea:

Daily Makeup routine vid is in the works, we're on our way to updating our youtube page.
When life throws lemons and limes at you, you take them and make infused water with them.
Fashion, Fashion, FASHION!
New job, new mindset- Dani scored another big time job!
Sticking to those new years resolutions? Shea has check it out! D & L Health Tips
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