Fashion: Boutique Interview

Hello there!

Spring is here, sorta, and we've been dying to wear cute clothes! Here in WI, it has been pretty darn hard considering our Spring days come and go. One day it's 60 degrees and the very next day, its 33! Can't win. Anyhow, Dani and I are both looking to step up our style this season.

This week, I had an interview at Francesa's. Although I am currently looking for MA degrees and teaching licenses, I need a PT job in the meantime. In the spirit of the interview (and with great enthusiasm), I went all out for a chic wow effect.

Skater Dress: Forever 21 ($10), Blazer: Honestly don't remember. ($10), Necklace: Japan (300JPY/$2.90ish)

I've been LOVING black and blue outfit pairings so much lately, so I've been wearing it more and more lately. I think it turned out pretty good-even though it's pretty bold. All about contrast.

For my interview, I didn't wanna look to plain or stiff l since it was for an adorable boutique and therefore standout a little. I decided on this cute little royal blue dress I got from Forever 21 on a whim one day. (It was part of a buy one get one free clearance deal! Can't lose!)

Jacket: TJ Maxx ($17.99), Shoes: Mossimo ($42)
The coat is something I've been lusting after for quite some time now. I saw it back in February or so at Dry Goods for well over $30. Stole this baby for myself on my birthday for way less. I fall in love with it every time I wear it.

And these shoes?! Don't get me started. Bought these gorgeous chic booties all on gift cards (HA!) at Target. The zipper, contrasting fabrics, and the style of the shoe just grabbed me and I had to have 'em.


I decided to be really detail oriented with make up for the day. Since I'm still getting the hang of contouring and defining my brows, it really took me some time. I'm gonna dis-include the deats on those items for now, but the other deats are below. 

Primer: Benefit Porefection (not shown), Foundation: Sephora, Brows: Rimmel Extreme Def Pencil
Eyes: Urban Decay Tarte Clay Liner, Urban Decay pencil, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 70's Palette, Lips: Nyx liner in Natural and Suede in Softspoken
I love each of these products in my collection. I swear this mascara is everything and my NYX lippies are perfect pairs that look really nice with Sephora's clay-like foundation.

Sadly, the shades in the eye shadow palette aren't labeled, but I used a blue shade surprisingly identical to my dress, tones of silvers, and black to tone down the brightness. It doesn't show up too well here, but the blue is in the inner colors of my eyes and blends into the silver--using black as a gradient. I'm still trying to get that beautiful blended look that so many experts do all the time.

They say practice makes perfect, and I think my interview was the perfect occasion to practice great style and perfect make up! Not bad, I'd say.

Til next time,