Lippies for Days!

Hey there!

Just like Dani, my love for lippies has really gone haywire and I've been buying them like crazy. I cannot even begin to explain where this is comin' from, but hey, does a make up obsession really need justification? 

Regardless, this is a long over-due post and I've been saving it for awhile. So, (finally) here are my lippies from the last few months...

Gerard Cosmetics

Here are some awesome swatches these really lady-like colors. I have to admit that I like the Plumb Crazy shade the best, then Coco Bean, and the Coral Craze last. The coral one looks almost a little too light for me as a gloss. Maybe if I wore darker colors on my eyes, I'd appreciate it more. As always though, GC has great shades and they wear pretty nice.  (Stay tuned for snapshots!)


I've been hunting down these babies for the longest time and FINALLY got em. Why it took so long...I can't even explain. But I got two of the four I want. Vintage (top) is pretty sexy. It looks a less vibrant than it really is here because I gave it "The Blot Test", and it still looked pretty decent. In LOVE.

Softspoken is such a good shade! It's a wonderful mauve pink that goes well with whatever else you have on your face. Big big fan.

I "happened" to be in ULTA one day determined to use a gift card and sorta accidentally found out that NYX had a plethora of new products out. Needless to say, I got super excited and bought this little pretty. Cinnamon Roll (right) is a beautiful mauve brown with a great shine to it. Great neutral lippie.

Too Faced Melted 

Melted Coral (top): I got this shade in a limited edition Christmas pack. This one plays tricks on you. One minute it looks reddish, then bright pink, then...a poppy deep pink. It really depends on the lighting. Whichever way, I love the versatility of it.

Melted Fig (Bottom): EVERYTIME I would go into Sephora, I'd go play with this shade. It is just so so beautiful and I love it. It's much more vibrant in person, too. The only thing that I don't like about these is that they can get a tad drying around the corners and middle parts of your lips. So a light pre-app of chapstick is mos def needed.


PS: Stay turned for quite a few more lippie shots and even more lippies .