Review: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic

With a mindset to try something new, and to look for a quick fix for the dryness around my nose. I ended with Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic. 

Here are my thoughts:

Normally Bobbi Brown wasn't a brand that was on my radar when shopping for prestige cosmetics, I focused more on Chanel and maybe a little bit on Dior. But after a conversation with one of the Beauty Consultants at the Bobbi Brown counter, an awesome lipstick pen/pencil, and a perfect color match I had a change of heart.

Danielle's Review

Name: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic
Type: Prestige Skincare
Cost: $32.00 + tax
Scent: A light aroma of cucumbers.
Results: Dead skin is gone, face feels soft and supple.
Overview: When I tried this on at the Bobbi Brown counter, I was floored by how different my skin looked afterward. I had been wearing my Chanel Vita Lumiere foundation, and I found myself dry around my nose. After a little rubbing with a soft cotton pad the dry skin was gone and stayed gone for the rest of the day.

Can you say SOLD?

Not only is it a gentle toner (aka tonic) so it's resetting my skin's PH, also it delivers an extra boost of  moisture before you even put your moisturizer on. So it's definitely not drying or too harsh for any skin tones.

A little bit goes a looong way.

Recommended: Yes. Definitely. I've been using this for two to three months and I haven't even hit half way and I'm nowhere near it.

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