Sunday: Updates #34

So  we thought we were getting Spring here in Wisconsin. Surprise we got snow again. Bummer. LeShea and I were hoping to bring out our cute spring wear and colors. I'm sure we're going to bring them out anyway and improvise.

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea:

- How's your resolutions going? Shea is going full steam with hers, check out her The GYM & Healthy Bits

- Spring colored Lipsticks are in, even if it doesn't feel like Spring in Wisconsin, Check out Dani's post about her two lipsticks from Lipstick Queen

- We're feeling ourselves, haha, no but we're super determined to reach our career & blogging goals.

-Spring like fashion posts coming up if the sun can stay out long enough.

-Updated skincare & make up routines coming up! An vlog actually.

- A mini ASOS haul from Dani coming up soon!

-Dani has been a little music stingy, have you seen Dani's check out Dani's March 2016 playlist via Spotify on the home page.