Sunday: Updates #36

Is that spring that we feel in Wisconsin?? Has spring finally arrived? Break out the flowy spring dresses, and pastel like colors for the spring! We need to jump all over this weather, but on to life things, Shea and I starting to get our lives back into shape. There's always some kinks on the way when things seem to be going well, but I think we got most of those hammered out.

So, on with blogging.

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea

  • Song of the week via Dani, listen to it here \
  • LeShea got her wheels back!
  • Because it's getting warmer give your skin that extra love, check out Dani's review of Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Face Tonic
  • Dani and Shea are planning some co-hauls from Gerard Cosmetics, Milani Cosmetics, and maybe Jeffree Star and Lime Crime. WE PICKED UP SOME PRODUCTS FROM GERARD COSMETICS! Stay tuned.
  • A double date outing soon. Stay tuned.
  • Reviews, Hauls & vlogs
  • Spring skincare routine in the works
  • Daily makeup vlog, also in the works.
  • Remember that cute royal blue dress, well LeShea got the job at a fashion boutique!! SCORE!