Beauty: How long should you keep that? Cosmetics Spring Cleaning

Why not clean out your makeup with your house/apartment? I'm talking about Spring Cleaning!

How long should you keep certain cosmetics, I'm notorious for keeping eyeliner waaay longer than I should. I'm super picky about my eyeliners and so it's hard for me to part with something that I know that I'm going to have a hard time finding...again.

After going through all of my products here is my damage.

Ouch. It's a box full....

Think about it. You spend all this money on these products and aren't able to use them all before their recommended expiration date. With all of the products that I pulled from my collection is like a wake-up call to purchase only what I need and NOT because it's on sale.

Photo Credits: Pop Sugar

When should you clean brushes?
Weekly! I am terrible at doing this but I am working on getting new brushes. Cleaning brushes weekly prevent the spread of bacteria that's been sitting on your brushes and also helps prevent breakouts to your skin.

How do you organize your makeup?
There's been tons and tons of companies banking on make up storage, don't spend an arm and leg to buy something that could cost tons less. I use old candle jars to store things like my brushes, mascara, and lipsticks/glosses. I have purchased two inexpensive clear three shelf organizers for some of my eyeshadows.Mine happens to have a little tray on top that I can store my foundations that I'm not using at the moment.

What to do with unwanted makeup?
This past holiday season I was lacking on funds, and I had to give gifts to a plethora of female family members. What did I do? Regifted makeup that hadn't seen the day of life. It was glorious and the best idea ever. I also included my nail polish collection into the re-gifting too.  My nail polish collection is huge for no reason check out my collection here( Dani's collection)

It's crazy.

But of course, there are others to regift or share your extra makeup, like selling it , donate it, or makeup parties. I would suggest the makeup party. Those are fun and it's a win-win situation, you give up makeup and you might score something cool.

Here are some places that accept (gently) used makeup:
Women's Shelter

Here are some places where you can sell your (gently) used makeup:
Makeup Addict Blog Sale