Fashion: Olive Green and Black Pleather

Spring days don't seem so Springy around here lately. It really is the sad truth.

Because of what I do (i.e. working with children) I don't get to dress up much as I may have mentioned before. The most I can express myself is with my make up--especially my lippies. (Mmm, yes. The glory of lippies.) So when I am outside of work, I really bring my A-game. Good news, though! I will be able to chic it up a little more these days since I have been granted the Francesca's job I interviewed for a few weeks ago. Now, I have many more excuses to look good and get pretty things! 

Lately, I have been obsessed with dark greens and black pairings. I've been doing it a lot lately, especially since I've been really into changing my hair more as well. Olive green and black go so well with blonde and deep dark brown hair colors--so it is pretty versatile. Check out my fashion for this weekend (apologies for amateur photo-editing in advance):

Jacket: "J2"(Goodwill $3.75 ish!), Shoes: BCBG ($25), Dress: Forever 21 ($10), Necklace: H&M ($7) 

I cannot stop pairing these colors and types of accents together! Even my accessories tend to be gold-accented to go along with the rest of my outfit. Though the accents on the jacket are more so pewter, I don't believe that you can screw up small accents such as this as long as you keep it relatively simple. Thoughts?

I truly love the details on this jacket. It has zipper, it has studs, it has pleather. So many textures.
I woke up pretty much decided on the colors for the day. It was rainy and grim and I wasn't even going to feign a Spring vibe, not today. Too cold, too rainy for my Spring tastes.

Channeling the inner Bey...I've clearly seen "Lemonade".
Really love this simple dress due to the accented pocket and exposed zipper in back...
I pretty much tried to match my make up along with today's look. I won't be adding make-up deats this time, but you can at least see how it looks on my Instagram. :)
Lovin' the make up for today's look. Avon shadows, Neutrogena foundation, Tarte clay liner, Gerard Cosmetics liquid lippie, Urban Decay Shadow Potion and Setting Spray--just to name a bit of the products used. 
In the future, I will share more make-up looks. I am still perfecting my make-up techniques and application so I'll save that for another post. In the meantime, I've put my olive green foot forward, accented in zippers, gold metals, and buttons. 


~LeShea <3