Fashion: Uniform

Uniforms, love them or hate them. I've never had to wear a uniform growing up, but nowadays I like having a particular set of clothes to remind me of my purpose for that day.

May it be working out.
or just getting shit done.

I usually like to wear red lips to signify confidence (see the Power of Red ) and also just to remind myself to own up to the image that I'm portraying, by getting shit done and taking no names.

Months ago there was talk about how Fashion Uniforms are perfect for the work place. Of course, I jumped all over this because to me putting on a uniform means that you're about to get shit done. Like own everything that's on your list to do, and there's not much thinking involved when


But then there's another side to having a Fashion Uniform, the lack of creativity of putting an outfit together. The fun of putting your quirks out and creating something that matches you.

Jacket // Forever 21
Shirt // Express
Shoes // Aldo
Purse // Nicole Danielle
I have my go-to outfit/uniform for that mindset of getting shit done off my list and putting distractions besides or behind me. I usually pair my uniform with red lips and very simple makeup. Red gives me that extra confidence boost because I'm getting it done!

What's your Fashion Uniform?

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