Review: Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base

After chatting with my favorite Chanel Rep and getting more details on Chanel's foundation, he recommended that I try using a primer to keep my makeup from slipping. Especially with Wisconsin's summers.

Makeup melting.

Here's one of the primers I picked up to my trip to Ulta, Makeup Revolution's Pro Prim Aqua Priming Base

Now, I was never really the one to use primers, I never thought it was necessary. Finishing spray yes but primers not so much? So after taking a recommendation to start using primers to heart I made my way to Ulta and picked up the Aqua Primer Base by Makeup Revolution.

I swear this brand is amazing, If I had less self-control I probably would have purchased a good chunk of all of the products at Ulta from this brand.

Name:  Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base
Type: Limited Beauty stores/ Online
Scent: Fruity??
Cost: $10 + tax
Results: Moisturized Skin, No slipping makeup
Overview: I am kinda impressed by this primer, not only does it smell good it adds an extra boost of moisture to my skin. No dry skin half way through the day. Other than that it's a general primer, you spray it on, let it absorb into your skin, then put your makeup on. Nothing new or special. It just...smells really good.

Recommended: Yes. It's inexpensive, it smells good and an extra boost of moisture