Sunday: Updates #38

Still chugging through this year. It's crazy how quickly time is passing in 2016! It's halfway through the year already! It's freakin May, and yet it still doesn't feel exactly May.  Although in Wisconsin once the temperature hits a certain point, Wisconsinites break out the shorts, tanks, and sun dresses All while you can still see some people in winter puff coats.

It's hilarious, but the struggle is real.

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea:

- LeShea just got back from a friend's wedding! Congrats friend!
- It's Spring, but Summer is definitely on Dani's mind.
- Check out LeShea's awesome Olive Green + Black Pleather
- It doesn't feel like Spring, but what brands don't have some cute Spring like colors? Check out Lippies for Days to see Shea's picks.
-If it is Spring like where you are, here are some of the books that Dani has her nose buried in. 5 Spring Time Reads
- Check out last week's SOTW: Down, B, Up, B