Sunday: Updates #40

After taking a small break, we are back! Or at least something like that. Two weekends ago I and a group of friends headed down to Rosemont Illinois for a convention, to sell art and what not. It was a blast, and got to go our favorite Japanese grocery store.

Weird I know. But it's Japanese and we're all about Japanese stuff.

After all of the adrenaline calmed down and I realized how exhausted I was I realized that I was motivated in more than one aspect of my life. LeShea has been working her butt off for this upcoming summer event that she has and towards her future!

It's kinda spring like here...kinda more on the summer side, but even so that doesn't mean that we can't keep working through the summer to reap the benefits this upcoming Autumn right?!

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea

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