Fashion: Spring Essentials Essentials

Spring Essentials- Danielle Style

It seems like Wisconsin has skipped Spring and went straight for Summer, and it's not the first time that has happened, but I still wanted to get some Spring Essentials out.

Getting straight to it:

Cardigan: Everyone needs one of these because Spring weather can turn from a nice warm breeze to a cold breeze in a heart beat. There are so many cute and inexpensive cardigans out that you can make it into a statement piece, also you won't have to borrow someone's hoodie and have it clash with your coordinate.

Flowy/Sundress: I like flowy dresses, spring is the season to bust out those cute printed sundress! An easy coordinate and your pair it with a cardigan and cute shoes, flowy sundresses are definitely feminine and there are so many different prints, patterns that you can choose from. I would recommend floral print dresses with pastel colors.

Camisoles: Another piece you can pair with a cardigan. Camisoles are the easiest essential to pair, pair it with skirts, shorts (if it's warm enough), jeans. Add in a pastel color or a touch of lace or floral to add that feminine flair to your coordinate and/or let it be a statement piece.

Floral Top: What doesn't scream spring like a cute pastel like top? I secretly love floral prints, they are so feminine and can be easily made into a statement piece. That piece up above speaks to me, I want it.

Flats/Open toed shoes/Heeled Sandals: Because the weather is nicer now you might be prone to take long walks and having the best shoes to do that is key. Flats and open toed shoes are in, I've seen plenty of open toed shoes and I'm even thinking about purchasing a few. But going for light colored flats, sandals, and open-toed shoes are a must. Obviously picking up the classic cognac, black, taupe colors are a MUST, those colors are essentials in a shoe closet.

Picnic Basket: I instantly thought of Yogi I one of the few that remembers Yogi Bear...dang I just aged myself, anyway. Grab some friends, bite-sized foods, wine (I recommend Rose, it's so in now), a cute blanket and have fun!

Small cute accessories: Small and cute accessories are in. Especially if you want your clothes to do that talking, or if you want your accessories to do the talking go for light colored accessories. Such as whites, pinks, golds, silver, mint, light brown just to name a few.

Scarfs: Scarfs are becoming one of my favorite accessories. There are so many different prints, patterns, fabrics that they come in. While traveling the flight attendants wore colored scarves tied neatly around their neck. It was so simple but still fashionable. Of course, depending on the size scarf you purchase it can be used on those chilly days

Spring like perfumes: Of course you need Spring scent. Remember, spring equals floral go for the floral scents, Marc Jacobs' Daisy & Lola and Vince Camuto's  Bella are sweet, floral scents. I already have Daisy, but I have my eyes on Lola and it's definitely a spring scent.

What are some of your Spring Essentials?