Review: Bobbi Brown Facial Mist

On something like a double date, LeShea and our boys headed to the outlet malls near Chicago and had kinda a shopping day. Once we found out that there was a makeup store ( I think called the Makeup Company ) we picked up some good finds. I picked up one thing due to being frugal ( hahaha!), I picked up Bobbi Brown's Face Mist and here are my thoughts.

Now I am not shy to Bobbi Brown, I've heard only good things about the brand from one of my favorite vloggers, Claire Marshall, and decided to check out the brand. To shorten the story I have more lip products than I do than make up. Because I have a slight obsession with facial sprays why not try out Bobbi Brown's?

"More than a finishing spray, Face Mist hydrates, soothes, refreshes and instantly gives skin a healthy glow. Alone or over makeup, this lightweight, nutrient-rich formula is your go-to pick-me-up throughout the day—you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Formulated with Glycerine and Panthenol, instantly plumps and refreshes skin and improves moisture and condition over time. Caffeine and Chamomile, Cucumber and Green Tea Extracts help soothe and calm skin, while the ultrafine mist sets any makeup look with a healthy glow."

My main draws to the facial spray was the Chamomile & Green Tea, those two in tea form are my favorite and they also have awesome benefits with it comes to using them on your skin. There are tons of benefits that comes hand in hand with the two

Danielle's Review:
Name: Bobbi Brown Face Mist
Type: Prestige
Scent: Green Tea, Chamomile + hints of cucumber
Cost: $25+ tax (Originally $32)
Results: Moist Skin
Overview: The main take away from this facial spray is the fact that there is no sticky residue left over. Some of the facial sprays that I own leaves some type of stickiness to my skin and that's a big No. The green tea helps your skin feel and look plump and energized, whilst the chamomile calms and soothe the skin down.

No big difference than a cool face.

Recommended: Not quite. There are other alternatives that provide these same benefits that don't cost as much as foundation.

Buy it here & Alternatives: 
Bobbi Brown Official
Etude House