Review: Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood

I totally threw all hands on deck after I saw a post on Instagram about this particular lipstick being back in stock. I had to get it, and I did. Apologies LeShea, I just had to. Here's my review on Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood.

After constantly seeing insta-beauties with this gorgeous lip color I just had to get it, and getting straight to the review.

Danielle's Review:

Name: Jeffree Star Velour
Type: Online
Color: Unicorn Blood
Finish: Liquid to Matte
Results: Beautiful crimson matte lips.
Overview: THIS LIPSTICK LASTS (almost) FOREVER! I have to kinda scrub my lips to get this to come off! The color is amazing, a deep crimson color with the right amount of red and browns. The application is easy, the wear time is AT LEAST 5-6 hours a little bit less if you're drinking or eating things. There is a strange smell, it's supposed to smell like Root- Beer but it smells like those weird tasting root beer I guess it smells like Root Beer???

I practically wear this lip color every day. I love, love, LOVE it. It's like I need more.

Recommended: YES. If you can get your hands on it. The only downfall is the fact that any of his other lip products are super hard to get because there are only limited quantities.

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