Sunday: Updates #41

I feel like I always talk about weather in Sunday posts, but I also feel like it's necessary to do so. The weather affects everything, plans, fashion, mood, etc. In the case of Wisconsin we have skipped spring and practically went to Summer.

On a more fun thought, I've been searching for Brogues. Not the accent but the shoes, I've had my eyes on these beauties (Tan Brogues) for the longest...I'm just waiting for the right time to press that checkout button. Of course I've been looking at sandals, who hasn't?

What shoes have you been eying?

Here's what up with Dani & Shea

- LeShea is leaving the country again to the motherland, Japan, with an awesome opportunity in hand.
- Dani is still thinking about a Vacay and Autumn related colors, check out her Autumn Fashion Pintrest Board
- Summer  & Vacay Essentials coming up!
- The Latest Review: Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base
- Check out last week's SOTW: Growl
- Hauls + Reviews as usual