Sunday: Updates #42

Photo credits: Roksolana Zasiadko - Edited: Dani

As I write this I am sitting at my local Starbucks without headphones and sipping on my signature drink, Black Iced Coffee, with classical sweetener. It was just summer a day or two ago and now it's like spring again, when it comes to Summer it makes me think of Japan (I'm sure Shea thinks the same thing).  The crazy heat, the cute feminine clothes of pastel colors, copious amounts of coffee and super convenience, convenience stores.

With that being said, It's Summer mode for Danielle LeShea. So obviously that means summer like  posts, clothes, makeup, skincare, colors, etc.

We're on it! At least I'm working on it in the background.

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea:

-Down to the crunch! LeShea is almost out of the country & Working hard!
- Can I just go on vacay right now?
-Grad school crunch.
-Fashion: Spring Essentials
- Review: Tony Moly Banana Cream Cleanser
-Haul: MeMe Box mini haul
-SOTW: Beautiful Undone