Fashion: Summer Essentials

Danielle LeShea: Summer Essentials

It's officially summer in Wisconsin, of course we get those occasional days where it's pretty chilly and not blistering hot. Here are some of my essentials you'll need for the summer, let us know what some of your summer essentials are!

Sun hat + Sunglasses + Sunscreen: A no brainer, protect your face, eyes and skin. Because I have a darker skintone I didn't really think much of putting sunscreen or even bother wearing a sunhat. But after being sunburned one summer when I was younger and it finally clicked in my head that I should probably start taking better care of my skin. Besides nowadays there's tons of cute sun hats and boss-ass sunglasses out there.

Sandals: Who doesn't like cute sandals? thong sandals, gladiator sandals, slip ons, etc. Even basic ones, for the more practical ones out there. I love sandals, my favorite at the moment are wedges. I'm the short one between LeShea and I so I have to give myself some height somewhere right?

Just be cautious of the heeled/wedge sandals you don't want to sprain your ankle trying to look cute if they aren't for you. There are plenty of options of sandals out there to fit your style.

Swimsuit: Another no brainer! There are SO MANY cute ass swimsuits out there. I had a hard time picking my swimsuit recently because there were so many options out there. There are really no tips here, rock what you want you. Be you girl!

Drinks: This is our favorite part! Summer is all about relaxing, partying and chilling with friends. Personally my go-to/signature drink is a Mojito. Summer drinks anyone??

Swimwear Coverup: Coming from the beach or going? Either way you're going to need a coverup to walk around. There are some fancy coverups out there that are VERY similar to normal everyday dresses. The black slitted dress above is actually a swimsuit coverup that I have my eye on for several weeks. Mega want.

Summer like Bag: Another fun part about summer, there are bags out there that range from just your simple straw weaved basket bags, to simple totes, to banana shaped bags. Go bold or simple with your bags, summer is all about fun.

Pop of Color lipstick + nail polish: Another fun part about summer, all of the bold colored lipsticks! Bright oranges, greens, pinks and reds or you can even go the nude route. Mint/pastel greens or even colors are right up my alley and they are perfect colors for the summer too if you're not about those bright neon colors.