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I finally finished one of my summer reads, Relentless was recommended by Michael the handsome gentleman of Lauryn Evarts of the Skinny Confidential.

One of my fav blogs btw.

Here's my two cents on Relentless:

Tim S Grover
It's literally a game changer, I've never read something like this before. A lot of the self-development books (if that's what you want to call it ) usually have a lot of fluff and sometimes sparkles, but Relentless was straight forward and extremely blunt, a kick in the ass basically. Which sometimes we all need.

In Grover's book, there is a running concept of how he differentiates people in the world of sports (and in real life) This concept actually put things into a brighter light for me, Grover calls them Cooler, Closer, Cleaner.

A Cooler is one that is careful, waits to be told what to do, and watches what everyone else is doing. Follow the leader type, not a decision-maker and breaks under pressure

A Closer is someone that can handle the pressure, they'll get the job done in the right situation. They study all the possible outcomes and flourishes when given praise and rewards.

A Cleaner, gets shit done.

 Each of these people have something about them that the other doesn't do or that the other person does. I was able to find where I stood in Grover's eyes and in doing so opened my eyes on how my ambitions were pretty much low or not strong enough to move ahead. Currently, I feel that I am a mixture of a Closer and a Cleaner, I do research as much as I can about things before I attempt to do them, and then there are days where I just do shit and worry about what comes next later.

But a Cleaner  is what I should strive to be. Get shit done.

Grover is a blunt kick to the ass.

Tim S Grover worked with a lot of high profile celebrities in the sports world, so there were lots of sports related mentions. Of course, they went over my head due to me not being into sports, regardless the information he shared was still applicable to everyone

Normally I would give a list of things to take away from the books that I read, but with Relentless you should be taking the entire book to mind. There have been tons of studies on how changing your mindset CAN  in fact, change your whole life around. I've been changing my mindset around (slower than I want) and I've seen the changes first hand.

It works. I swear.

Favorite Quotes by Grover:

“In order to have what you really want, you must first be who you really are.” 

“Talk never goes up in price, it’s always free, and you usually get what you pay for.”

“Being relentless means demanding more of yourself than anyone else could ever demand of you, knowing that every time you stop, you can still do more. You must do more.” 

“People who preach inner drive are dreamers with a lot of ideas and a lot of talk, and zero production.”

“Fuck “try.” Trying is an open invitation to failure, just another way of saying, “If I fail, it’s not my fault, I tried.” 

Recommended: Hell yes. Go buy the book.

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