Review: Japonesque Velvet Creme Foundation

Spur of the moment buy~! It was on sale and I couldn't pass it by! Here's my review on Japonesque Velvet Foundation.

I've always had my eye on Japonesque products for two reasons. One being the name is speaks to my love for Japan, and Two the packing of the products are sleek and minimal.

There's one product that I've had my eye on since its debut, but this time I reached for something I know that I would use daily. First I wan to say that I am normally hesitant when it comes to buying high priced foundation due to not being able to always match myself within the shades offered and of course how much it costs.

At the time of purchase I had become much lighter than usual (I've been using a brightening moisturizer/serum and forgot it was brightening) so finding a foundation was much harder now.

"JAPONESQUE® Velvet Touch Foundation. Airbrushed skin enhancer. Feather-light whipped skin enhancer for a beautifully translucent matte skin base. It's imperceptible second-skin texture melts into the complexion leaving a weightless ‘airbrushed’ finish, and velvety feel."
- Japonesque Official

I chose the darker foundation out of the shades and realized after a few uses I should have gone for one shade lighter. But after my vacay I'm a little bit darker now so it fits almost perfectly.

Danielle's Review:
Name: Japonesque Velvet Touch Foundation
Type: Prestige
Color/Shade: Shade 8
Coverage: Light - Medium
Price: $18 + tax (Original cost: $36)
Results: Smooth application.
Overview: As usual I always have an issue finding my shade either it's too dark, or too light and in this case, this was too dark, but like I mentioned before after my vacay it fits perfectly. This cream based foundation.

The application of the foundation is super easy, you take a bit and 'melt' it on the back of your hand and then apply or you can apply it directly to the spots on your face and blend it in.

The coverage is light to medium, I occasionally added some concealer on spots that weren't covered well. I have noticed that in warmer weather it felt like there was some melting going on, will update just to make sure my skin wasn't overly oily.

Recommended: Yes, for a good price. 

NOTE: I originally purchased this at ULTA, but ULTA and Japonesque official no longer carry this product.

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