Sunday: Updates #46

Photo Creds: Josefa Holland-Merten | Edited: Dani

Another week has passed along with the frustrations of adulting, lif(e)ing and other random stuff. It kinda makes you want to go on another vacay, but of course you can' least not yet. I notice that I've been getting more frustrated as of late. More posts are coming up soon!

Here's what up with Dani & Shea:

---> LeShea is back! Early, might I add!
---> Create & Cultivate Conference attempt #2 - We're trying again.
---> SOTW: Etunnel ft Gaeko
---> Fashion: Summer Essentials
---> Lifestyle: Summer Reads

Upcoming Posts:
---> Summer Beauty Looks
---> Summer Shoes
---> Cute coordinates from Japan!!

Happy mid-summer!