Sunday: Updates #47

As you can see there has been some changes with Danielle LeShea, we are now officially Danielle X LeShea! It just took me a little bit of time to actually implement these changes, but now that LeShea has been back for a week(ish) we were able to talk and hash out somethings to get us moving on the right track again. So expect to see more consistent posts, and new designs, new types of posts, vlogs and more.

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea:

Summer Heat is killing us.
Create and Cultivate Conference- Attempt #2
Kate Spade is a new expensive obsession, all of that chic office inspo! + Nicole Miller Office supplies Inspo! 
When the heat drains you of all your energy, here's how to get shit done
Review: Japonesque
SOTW: Half Time
Lifestyle: Relentless
Haul: Recent Buys Danielle #7