Review: M.U.R Fortune Favors The Brave

Something I had to pick up when I first saw it on Makeup Revolution's Website. I just had to have it, and before heading out on my vacay I picked it up. Here's my thoughts on Makeup Revolution's Fortune Favors the Brave.

The packaging was the first thing to catch my eye, now I usually don't go for gold 'colored' things because I think it looks kinda tacky but there are some things that are definitely changing my mind.

I found this gem two different ways, a youtube beauty blogger, and of course through Makeup Revolution's website.

The palette itself was created by the British Beauty Blogger (check her out!!) but the colors in this palette spoke to me.

For real they spoke to me.

" Thirty shades of matte, glimmer and sheen combine in one golden palette for an every which-way smoky eye. From the lightest of brightening base colours to the darkest, most daring shades of navy, black and green and everything in between, Fortune is the most versatile, every-age, every-tone palette yet."
Makeup Revolution USA Official

These colors though.

Danielle's Review:
Name: Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave
Type: Limited/Online
Price: $15
Results: Vibrant long lasting color!
Overview: It took me a while to get my hands on this, but when I did I was in love. The packaging, the shades/colors that are in the palette are killer. Granted there are a few that I wouldn't dare put on my lids, but that's what happens you buy a palette.

The colors are vibrant and last all day without an eyelid primer, it doesn't take a lot to apply. The colors can easily be blended together to create a custom smokey eye, or something unique. Lastly, all of these colors can be applied to work, casual, dates, etc, etc.

Recommended: Yes! This will be the only palette that you use for a loooong time.

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