Sunday: Updates #48

Hello there!

It's been hot hot hot here in Wisconsin and we've been trying to keep cool here. LeShea here ("no way", right?). I've been getting back into the swing of things by working my butt off with her full time and part time work. I've been trying to play a little bit of catch up since my most recent trip to Japan as well as trying to plan my life out for this coming year. It has been a challenge, which is why I have been AWOL for so long. Apologies. :(

Regardless, Dani and I have been talking about the blog and changing things up a little. Have you seen our new logo? Have you seen our Facebook page? Our Youtube? Dani has been working her butt off to add new elements to our pages. In the meantime, here is what we've got goin' on!

Here's what's going on with Dani & Shea:

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