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Danielle LeShea is not affiliated with ANY companies NOR getting paid to write reviews. We are an independent blogger duo and will not be persuaded by any monetary value to make a company product look good. If we do not believe in the product, we will say why we are disappointed with it. All of our reviews are 100% honest and not biased.

 Honesty is the best and only policy.

The products stated in this blog are bought with our own money.  We do receive products from companies for review/co-operation purposes only. Products received for review/co-operation purposes will be marked with an asterisk (*). Other products received as gifts or samples will be stated. As stated earlier, we are 100% honest with our reviews and not persuaded by money.

Update: January 2014

Danielle & LeShea are always open to collabs, sponsored posts, inquires or just to chat. Send us an e-mail at: lesheadanielle@gmail.com